Tuesday, August 13, 2013

US Space Register?

On August 06th, the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation reserved 40 N-numbers. This division of the FAA approves any commercial rocket launch operations, and for the first time have officially blocked a series of N-numbers. It will be interesting to see how many will be eventually identified.

N351WQ, N352WQ, N353WQ, N354WQ, N355WQ, N356WQ, N357WQ, N358WQ, N359WQ, N360WQ, N361WQ, N362WQ, N363WQ, N364WQ, N365WQ, N366WQ, N367WQ, N368WQ, N369WQ, N370WQ, N441FQ, N442FQ, N443FQ, N444FQ, N445FQ, N446FQ, N448FQ, N449FQ, N450FQ, N451FQ, N452FQ, N453FQ, N454FQ, N455FQ, N456FQ, N457FQ, N458FQ , N459FQ , N460FQ, N461FQ .

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